L’été espéré
(Fiction, 19‘ 30‘’, Color, 2,35/1, HD)

By visiting places of a guidebook, we follow a handful of protagonists, among hundrets of sightseers: a young family is running from sight to sight, buying souvenirs and discuss the financial crisis, queuing for Notre-Dame. Meanwhile a young woman gets stood up on her weekend trip to Paris.

Country of Production: Germany, France
Duration: 19:37 min
Shooting Format: HD, color, 1:2,35
Year of Production: 2016
Language: german, english, french
Subtitles: english

Actors: Julia Goldberg, Hanns Möhring, Paul Möhring, Kristin Möhring, Paul Möhring, Marie Dupuis

Director: Steffen Goldkamp
Producer: Jan Eichberg
Camera: Paul Spengemann
Soundrecordist: Karsten Krause
Costume: Cassandra Shier
Sounddesign: Jakob Spengemann
Editor: Steffen Goldkamp
Production: Spengemann Eichberg Goldkamp Hans

Exhibitions / Festivals
Hamburg International Short Film Festival
Leuven Internationaal Kortfilmfestival
Off-Courts Trouville
Cry Baby Blue, Dynamo Arts Foundation Vancouver
Molodist, Kyiv International Film Festival
Galerie der HFBK
Go Short, International Short Film Festival Nijmegen
Petersburger Dialog, St. Petersburg
China Academy of Art Shanghai Institute of Design
China Academy of Art Hangzhou
Filmfest Bremen