(Documentary, 23min, Super16mm, 1.66/1,  5.1 surround)

Saddle roof houses with paved driveways and accurately cut trees of life. Open-air swimming pool hooting, moped kids, Easter fire. Everyday scenes from a community of 20,000 souls unite to form a prototypical image of a northern German province.

Original Title: Wallenhorst
English Title: Wallenhorst
Country of Production: Germany
Duration: 23 min
Shooting Formate: Super 16mm, Farbe/Color, 1.66:1
Year of Production: 2014

Kamera: Paul Spengemann
Ton/Sound: Fion Pellacini
Sounddesign: Ruben Paluchievicz
Schnitt/Editing: Steffen Goldkamp
Production: Spengemann Eichberg Goldkamp Hans