After a juvenile prison sentence, the young delinquent‘s regained freedom primarily smells of the corridors of the German authorities. David strives for structure, but soon frustration and lethargy crowd out the good intentions of the stigmatized ex-con.

Too much time with old friends in the cold wet winter weather, the clogged mailbox full of annoying letters, and David‘s permanent lack of money soon cause the adolescent to relapse. The „good life“ appears as an abstract idea that doesn‘t seem to be meant for him and his friends.

Eventually, David gets caught up in the whirlpool of a series of robberies again. Fast life and extasy. It doesn‘t take very long until David‘s lifestyle is interrupted and the friends reunite in the imposing hall of the district court. Back in prison, time clots 
away in the ever-same daily routine. Immobilized bodies, parading to the turning of keys in locks. David sits lonely in his cell and waits. For his freedom, for it all to begin anew.

der Optimismus (Optimism)
in development
produced with Tamtam Film

funded by
MOIN Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein
Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM)
FFA German Federal Film Board